Valley View Local Schools work closely with German Township, Jackson Township, and Germantown Police Departments, as well as the Montgomery  County Sheriff Department, and the Ohio State Patrol, regarding health and safety issues.

German Township Police have a dog trained in detecting drugs, as do some of the other police agencies mentioned.  School lockers are the property of the Valley View School District and can legally be searched at anytime.  Students are aware of this and signs are posted throughout the school to notify and remind students of this.  Cars may be checked by dogs.  This is a required agreement for students in order to have the privilege of purchasing a parking permit.

The police and the school district quietly schedule random days to search lockers and/or cars.  The frequency is intentionally irregular, however now that German Township has their own dog for searches, the frequency is expected to be higher that in past years.  Students are not personally searched as both the police and schools do not desire student/dog interaction or contact.

If an illegal substance is detected (which has been a rare event), school discipline is imposed as per the Code of Conduct and the police determine appropriate legal changes.  The code of conduct can be found in the 2018-19 VALLEY VIEW HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT HANDBOOK

A random dog drug search was conducted on August 28th at both the Valley View High School and the Valley View Junior High school.  Both German Township and Jackson Township departments were present during the search.  No drugs were discovered in any lockers of either of the two buildings.



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