Valley View MVCTC FFA Attends Public Speaking Event

Valley View MVCTC FFA had two members attend the Public Speaking Career Development Event in two different categories. The two students were Brayden Moore and Megan Collins. Brayden participated in the FFA Creed portion, and Megan participated in the extemporaneous portion. The student fared well in the contest and represented Valley View greatly.

Students participating in the Extemporaneous Public Speaking Leadership Development Event showcase their agricultural knowledge and ability to think on their feet by giving a speech and answering questions with limited prep time. To get their topic, they draw a topic from a hat, then have 30 minutes to prepare. Then they must present a four-six minute speech of their topic to judged, who then ask questions to the participant.

In the FFA Creed portion, first year FFA members, also known as Greenhands, must memorize the FFA’s Creed. The FFA Creed is revered by all chapters under the National FFA Organization, and is even a national contest. The Creed is a total of five paragraphs, and was written by E.M. Tiffany in 1928 and officially adopted as the National Creed in 1930. The presentation of the creed is a big part of our FFA, for it is what we all learn to recite our first year in FFA.

This event overall challenges students to practice their presentation skills, articulation, logical thinking, memorization, time management and advocating for agriculture and agricultural education.

Valley View FFA Attends Tractor Troubleshooting Contest

The Valley View MVCTC FFA Chapter recently sent Andrew Shell and Sam Frazier to the District Tractor Troubleshooting contest at the Koenig Dealership in Anna, Ohio. The Team performed well in the contest and represented Valley View High School.

In tractor troubleshooting, members use diagnostic procedures to determine the problem with the tractor and then fix the problem within a 20 minute time period. The contestants learned some advanced mechanical skills when dealing with the problems at hand, and learned to think on their feet and use analytical and logical thinking when it comes to problem solving.

Ag Sales

Agricultural Sales Contest held at Preble Shawnee High School. There were 14 schools total in attendance at the contest for District 5. 

The Ag Sales team consisted of Chase Baker, Ansley Kozarec, Mickey Neal, Tyler Michael, Grant Helsinger, Joe Gulling, Keith Kinner, and Tanner Cordes . The team members each completed a test on agricultural sales, customer service inquiry, and demonstrated their ability to sell a pre-selected agricultural based item. The teams and individuals were to sell park benches to their selected judges.

A special thank you to Jimmy Martin for his assistance in training for the competition

Valley View MVCTC FFA Members fair well at Regional Evaluations

The Valley View- MVCTC FFA Chapter recently competed in the District 5 Evaluations of the Ohio FFA Association at Miami Valley Career Technology Center. Several members of the chapter worked extra hard to prepare their officer books.

Three 2019-2020 Chapter Officers submitted books for review. Harli Taylor submitted the Secretary’s Book and earned a gold rating. Keith Kinner submitted the Treasurer’s Book and earned a gold rating. Charity Moore submitted the Reporter’s Book and earned a gold rating. Harli, Keith, and Charity will be recognized at the State FFA Convention in May.

The National FFA Organization (formerly known as Future Farmers of America) provides leadership, personal growth and career success training through agricultural education. Today, there are 700,170 FFA members in grades seven through twelve who belong to one of 8,612 local FFA chapters throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Valley View FFA attends Leadership Lock-in

Our chapter members attended a Leadership Lock-in hosted by Brookville MVCTC FFA  in which the members had the opportunity to develop leadership and teamwork skills. Throughout the night, fun, activity and fellowship filled the halls of the school. The evening started with paper boat making, which represented different and new ways to improve the chapter with involvement and participation. The next activity was a classic FFA game called “Nibbity Bibbles.” After that, the members ate a dinner of pizza from a local shop and other refreshments provided by the Brookville FFA Officer team. Post meal, they played mushroom ball, which is a form of dodgeball with more opponents. After that, they played Mat Ball, and finally finished the night with a good ol’ fashioned game of capture the flag. State officer, Justin Beckner, joined our leadership lock-in and talked to the members about the importance of staying involved and being leaders for our chapter to make it the best it can be.

Valley View MVCTC Members Attend State Greenhand Conference

On September 21st, 2019, 5 first year FFA members, or Greenhands, attended the state Greenhand Conference held annually in Versailles, Oh.

The theme for the conference was “First Down and Life to Go”. Students participated in a Career Development Roundtable Session where they rotated around and learned about the various Career Development Events FFA has to offer. Session speaker was Ty Eschenbaum,  Holly McClay current State FFA President, Bethany Starlin State FFA Vice-President, Noah Smith State FFA Secretary, Haleigh Stoler State FFA Treasurer, Mackenzie Hoog State FFA Reporter, Justin Beckner State FFA Sentinel, Cyann Kendel State FFA Vice-President at Large, and Wyatt Kissell State FFA Vice-President-at-Large. Afternoon sessions the students attended include topics of FFA/ Leadership, Teamwork, goal setting, SAExploration, and Communication.

Students in Attendance included: Brie Ryan, Keyston Moses, Caden Johnson, Megan Collins, and Brayden Moore.

The National FFA Organization provides leadership, personal growth, and career success training through agricultural education.

District Soils

Valley View MVCTC FFA members participated in the Montgomery County Soils Judging Contest on September 5th  and District FFA Soil Judging Contest on September 27th in Montgomery County.  During the urban and rural soil judging contest students determine the slope, erosion or depth of topsoil, texture of surface soil, depth of soil, and natural drainage class of soil for 3 soil pits.  With that information the students then determine the land class, best land use and recommended conservation practices or during the urban contest they determine limitations for homes, septic systems and other urban developments.  This information gives the students practical hands on experience determining the limitations and possibilities for that soil.  Also during the contest students are tested on their knowledge on how to use and find information in a soil survey book and given a written examination over general soil knowledge.

The Montgomery County results are as follows: The Urban Soils Team placed 3rd with Haley Hall being the highest placing individual at 5th.

FFA members who participated in the Montgomery County Contest include: Hayley Hall, Taylor Weaver, Abby Shartle, Andrew Shell, Sophia DeVillez, Chase Baker, Braydon Moore, Jackson Lang, Megan Collins, Logan Tays, Keith Kinner, Joe Golling, Mitchel Cotterman, Reina Frame, Cole Johnson, Carson Campbell, Harli Taylor, Sarah Cole, Reiley Phillips, Noah Johnson, Kendyll Grant, TC Griffith, Caden Johnson, Mickey Neal, and Bryanna Bishop.

The District results were as follows: The Urban Soils Team placed 3rd with Sophia DeVillez being the highest placing individual at 4th. The Agricultural Soils Team placed 17th with Megan Collins being the highest scoring individual at 29th.  

FFA members who participated in the District Contest include; Sophia DeVillez, Taylor Weaver, Abby Shartle, Haley Hall, Chase Baker, Jackson Lang, Andrew Shell, Braydon Moore, Megan Collins, Keith Kinner, Cole Johnson, Carson Campbell, Joe Gulling, Mitchell Cotterman, and Logan Tays.

The FFA members who are moving on and competing at State Soils Contest include; Sophia DeVillez, Taylor Weaver, Abby Shartle, and Hayley Hall.

The National FFA Organization makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

16 members of the Valley View MVCTC FFA Chapter recently attended the Farm Science Review in London, Ohio.​​​​​​​

While there, the members had a chance to see all the new science and technology used in agriculture today. There were over forty acres of educational booths and exhibits relating to animal science, plant science, and agricultural mechanics. Many businesses, colleges, and even Ohio FFA had booths at the event, including Wilmington College with alumni Taylor Thomas and State Reporter, Mackenzie Hoog. There were many things to do and see at the review, including various types of farming equipment, hands on activities about spreading of disease and DNA, virtual reality scenarios, and much much more.

The members that attended were Ryleigh Reno, Reina Frame, Jared Cummings, Grant Helsinger, Tyler Michael, Charity Moore, Harli Taylor, Nick Ernst, Sam Frazier, Andrew Shell, Taylor Weaver, Tanner Cordes, Keith Kinner, Cole Johnson, Chase Baker, and John Gilbert. The group was accompanied by FFA Advisor Betsy Martin.

MVCTC FFA attends Spring Contests

Valley View-MVCTC FFA members participated in 4 invitational contest and the State Preliminary Contest. Students participated in the following contests General Livestock Judging, Equine and Nature Interpretation. General Livestock Judging teaches students to recognize quality and consumers by experience in identifying and understanding characteristics that affect production and quality. Equine teaches students the current horse evaluation, selection techniques and management. Nature Interpretation is designed to gain interest and to provide recognition for those who have demonstrated skills as a result of natural resources instruction. In total 22 FFA members participated in the 3 contests held during the 4 invitationals and State Preliminary contest. The highlights of the contest include:

  • Equine Judging Placings-
    • 22nd/38 teams at Mercer County
  • Livestock Judging Placings-
    • 9th/61 teams at Mercer County
    • 22nd/83 teams at Wilmington Aggies
    • 1st place individual- Ryan Michael
  • Nature Interpretation Placings-
    • 19th/29 Teams at Marysville

Ryan Michael qualified for the State Livestock Judging Finals which were held on April 26th. Ryan placed 2nd place overall in the state of Ohio.

85th annual Parent-Member Banquet

The Valley View MVCTC FFA chapter recently held its 85th annual Parent-Member Banquet. Over 160 parents, members and guests were in attendance at Valley View High School. Highlights from the award ceremony include:

2018-19 Valley View-MVCTC FFA Chapter

  • 2018-19 Treasurer Keith Kinner, Reporter Ansley Kozarec and Secretary Kelsey Wight submitted officer books for district evaluations. They all earned a gold rating and will be recognized at the 2019 Ohio State FFA Convention.
  • Junior Members Mackenzie Hoog, Tyler Michael, and Haley Hall will receive their State FFA Degrees at the 2019 State FFA Convention.
  • Graduate students Mike Boyle, Mercedes Woodson, and Jordan Johnson were recognized as 2019 American Degree Candidates.
  • Mr. James Martin was inducted as the 2019 Honorary Degree Member.
  • Shawn Baker and Mike Jones were recognized for their support throughout the past school year.
  • Ten members were awarded the Greenhand Degree.
  • Five members were awarded the Chapter Degree.
  • Ryan Michael will compete in the State Livestock Judging Finals.
  • The FFA Chapter was awarded a Gold Rating.

Scholarship Awards.

Scholarship is an important aspect in each student’s school career. The students in each class with the highest GPA were honored with the Scholarship Trophy and Certificate. These students were John Gilbert- Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, Ansley Kozarec- Livestock Selection, Chase Baker- Agriculture Mechanics, Mackenzie Hoog- Agriculture Business, and Taylor Thomas- Agriculture Capstone.

Honorary Chapter FFA Degree

Valley View MVCTC FFA Chapter is honored to have the opportunity to recognize local community members who are helping to advance the agricultural education program and the FFA Chapter, who have rendered outstanding service our students. This year we recognize Mr. James Martin. Valley View MVCTC would not be able to do special projects without all community members there to help along the way.

Star Awards

The star greenhand is awarded to the chapter’s most active first-year member who has plans for a strong supervised agricultural experience program and has demonstrated leadership within the FFA. This year’s Star Greenhand is Charity Moore. The star chapter farmer is awarded to the FFA member with the top production agriculture SAE program. The award recognizes achievement in both career and leadership development. This year’s Star Chapter Farmer is Ryan Michael. The Star Chapter in Agribusiness is awarded to The FFA member with the best non-production entrepreneurship agribusiness SAE and proven leadership skills. It recognizes a member for pursuing a career in agribusiness. This year’s Star Chapter in Agribusiness is Mackenzie Hoog. The Star Chapter in Ag Placement is awarded to The FFA member with the best placement SAE program and proven leadership skills. The member’s placement experience can include paid labor hours or unpaid labor hours. This year’s star chapter ag placement is awarded to Keith Kinner. The chapter began the Lead like Levi award to honor Levi Montoya’s memory and award a student who is not afraid to pursue new career development events, organize FFA activities, and chooses to keep FFA a top priority. This year’s recipient is Mackenzie Hoog.

Recognition of Sponsorship

Blue and Gold Sponsors – Tom & Judy Keating, Montgomery County Farm Bureau, Neff’s Lawn Equipment, Boyle Mechanical, Honor of Trudy (Bussard) Burnett, Brubaker Grain, Lucky Montoya Auction Co. LLC, Live Like Levi, Promotional Spring and Cheryl Frame, Richard Hummel, Memory of Bob Gebhart Gold Sponsors – John Friedline Insurance, Baker Family, Greg, Lindsay, Avery, Owen, & Wade Griffin, Brian & Becky Landis-Kinner Silver Sponsors – Lynn & Jackie Avery, Jeff & Michelle McDonald, Sally C. Holtzmuller Bronze Sponsors – Kevin & Roxanne McCloskey, Simplicity Salon

Chapter Proficiency Awards

FFA Members applied to be recognized for their Supervised Agricultural Experience programs. The following students were selected in their respective categories.

  • Poultry Production Entrepreneurship- Haley Hall
  • Beef Production Entrepreneurship- Grant Helsinger
  • Diversified Crop Production Placement and Forage Production PLacement- Tyler Michael
  • Swine Production Entrepreneurship- Taylor Thomas
  • Swine Production Placement- Ansley Kozarec
  • Agriscience- Sydney Cooper
  • Agriscience Animal- Reina Frame
  • Grain Production Placement and Agriculture Services- John Gilbert
  • Forestry Production Entrepreneurship- Chase Baker
  • Agriculture Sales Entrepreneurship- Mackenzie Hoog
  • Goat Production Entrepreneurship- Kelsey Wight
  • Goat Production Placement- Charity Moore
  • Equine Production Placement- Keith Kinner

2019-20 Chapter Officers Installed

The 2019-20 chapter officers were installed. They are as follows: President- Mackenzie Hoog, Vice President- Tyler Michael, Secretary- Ansley Kozarec, Treasurer- Keith Kinner, Reporter- Charity Moore, Sentinel- Taylor Weaver, Student Advisor- Grant Helsinger, Vice-President of Strengthening AGriculture- John Gilbert, Vice-President of Building Communities- Chase Baker, Vice-President of Growing Leaders- Harli Taylor FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for “Premier Leadership, Personal Growth, and Career Success” through agricultural education.

Chapter Visit with Tyler Zimpfer

On Tuesday December 11th, 2019, Valley View -MVCTC FFA Members hosted Tyler Zimpfer. Tyler is currently a senior FFA Member at Anna High School and has been accepted to attend the Ohio State University majoring in Agribusiness. His duties as an Ohio FFA Officer require him to travel throughout the state conducting chapter visits, presenting speeches on behalf of Ohio’s FFA members, and facilitating conferences and conventions. During the day Tyler hosted workshops in two Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources courses, Livestock Selection, Agricultural Mechanics, and Agribusiness courses. The workshops focused on integrity, planning for success and setting goals. He shared his passion for the agriculture industry and the National FFA Organization. FFA Members enjoyed spending the day with Tyler and are thankful he took time out of his busy schedule to visit Valley View High School.

FFA Partners with Koenig of Germantown

Early this fall the Valley View MVCTC FFA partnered with Koenig Equipment in Germantown, OH to recycle unused and old equipment batteries. Through our efforts we were able to donate and safely recycle 188 batteries. These efforts allowed for a $1880 donation from Koenig Equipment to our FFA.

Job Interview Preparation

Valley View MVCTC FFA Members participate in Job Interview Preparation Recently, The Valley View FFA Chapter hosted a Chapter Job Interview Contest. Every FFA Member participated in a mock job interview scenario. Prior to the interview the students completed resumes, cover letters, and a job application. Post interview the students completed follow-up thank you letters. The students competed within their divisions for the opportunity to compete at the District 5 Career Development Event. The FFA Members who placed 1st in their divisions were as follows: Jared Cummings (Division 1, Freshman), Ansley Kozarec (Division 2, Sophomore), Mackenzie Hoog (Division 3, Junior), Taylor Thomas (Division 4, Senior), and Keagan Sizemore (Division 5, 1st year Junior/Senior). The FFA Members fared well at the District Contest hosted at Versailles High School. Ansley Kozarec and Mackenzie Hoog both took home 2nd place. Taylor Thomas placed 7th and Jared Cummings placed 17th in his division.

National Convention

Valley View-MVCTC FFA Members Attend National Convention “Just One.” was the theme of this year’s National FFA Convention. Twenty- one members of the Valley View-MVCTC Chapter were in attendance at the convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. Those members on the overnight trip included Tyler Michael, Tanner Cordes, Chase Baker, Justin Michael, John Gilbert, Grant Helsinger, Mackenzie Hoog, Taylor Thomas, Kelsey Wight, Haley Hall, Charity Moore, and Harli Taylor. Valley View students traveled with the members of the Brookville-MVCTC Chapter. Those members attending the day trip included Logan Tays, Ansley Kozarec, Emma Burr, Kennedy Burr, Keith Kinner, Jena Hatton, Reina Frame, Taylor Weaver, and Andrew Shell. More than 67,000 members, parents, and guests were in attendance at the National FFA Convention. Convention activities included attending several convention sessions where members were inspired by motivational speakers such as the 2017-2018 National FFA Officers and motivational speaker Kyle Scheele Attendees enjoyed attending the Garth Brooks concert, Cinch World’s Toughest Rodeo, Buckeye Bash Dance, and tours of Indianapolis Motor Speedway, National FFA Headquarters, NCAA Hall of Champions, and Fair Oaks Farm.  Members also attended the FFA Shopping Mall and Career Show. Thank you to Mr. Nick Wright from Brookville-MVCTC FFA for chaperoning the trip with Valley View FFA Advisor Betsy Martin. Additional appreciation goes to the administration at Valley View Local Schools and Miami Valley Career Technology Center for their continued support of the Agricultural Education Departments. We would also like to thank Mrs. Hoog, Valley View’s school nurse and FFA alumni Member for chaperoning the Convention Day Trip.

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